Saigon Gets Pedestrian

13/11/2015 0

2020 will mark the completion of Ho Chi Minh City first underground rail line. An opportunity to turn parts of the city centre into a pedestrian area, one of the largest of its kind in [Read More…]

Protecting Hanoi’s Traditional Dances Legacy

29/10/2015 0

Hanoi is not only Vietnam’s political capital but is often considered as the intellectual and artistic heart of the country. The dances, imbued with historical significance and demonstrating humanity’s worldview, are closely connected with the [Read More…]

New International Port For Halong Bay

13/10/2015 0

Tuan Chau Group held the inauguration ceremony for Halong Bay most modern port facility, the International Port, achieved after three years of construction.The project started in 2012 and has a capacity to receive 2,000 ships [Read More…]

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