AirAsia: back to Vietnam?

10/04/2017 0

AirAsia mulled a few years ago the idea to have a subsidiary in Vietnam. AirAsia is now back to struck a deal… The story seems to have happened centuries ago. Back to 2010, AirAsia was [Read More…]

Jetstar Pacific Expanding to China

04/04/2017 0

Northeast Asia is the next target for Jetstar Pacific, the Vietnamese affiliate of low cost carrier Jetstar Airlines (Qantas Group) with Vietnam Airlines. Danang-Hong Kong is Jetstar Pacific newest route and its third international destination [Read More…]

Vietnam Wants Its Gamblers to Stay Home

28/02/2017 0

BLOOMBERG- Vietnam’s revolutionary founder Ho Chi Minh relied on lottery ticket sales to raise money for schools and hospitals during the war years. Now Hanoi’s Communist leaders are looking to casinos, horse betting and modern [Read More…]

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