Discovering Spooky Thailand

27/04/2018 0

An exhibition hosted in Paris Musée du Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac (Museum of Non-European Arts) is looking at the fascination that exert ghosts on Asian people. Titled “Hells and Ghosts of Asia, the Underworld in Asian [Read More…]

Penang Ready to Host PIFF

17/04/2018 0

As the true capital of Malaysian gastronomy, Penang is welcoming PIFF, acronym of the Penang International Food Festival. Food, glorious food will be available in any corner of the UNESCO listed heritage town… Penang is [Read More…]

Penang Museum to Add Modern Structure

07/04/2018 0

It would be inspired by Paris famous Louvre Museum’s modern architecture. The future expanded Penang Museum will become a true icon of architecture… Penang state government plans to enlarge and modernise the Penang State Museum, [Read More…]

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