NEWS Round-Up April 1-April 3, 2020

04/04/2020 0

As the COVID-19 wiped out entirely the travel and transport industry, will only report over the next month once to twice a week to provide the latest trends in ASEAN tourism. We remind our [Read More…]

Entertainment Venues Closed in Singapore

27/03/2020 0

Singapore’s closure of bars and entertainment venues to contain the spread of coronavirus is another gut punch to the city-state’s economy already suffering from widespread disruptions to trade and tourism. Authorities are scrambling to curb [Read More…]

Thailand On the Way to a Full Lockdown?

18/03/2020 0

With the closure for two weeks in Bangkok of all entertainment venues and bars, with similar measures expected in Pattaya, with the cancellation of all Songkran celebrations in three weeks time, is Thailand descending into [Read More…]

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