A Master Plan for Yangon

09/05/2016 0

Crumbling infrastructure, crowded urban areas, lack of public hygiene facilities, Yangon is in a state of despair and needs an overhaul. After Myanmar opened up to the world in 2010 and went into a transitional [Read More…]

MRT Will Transform Jakarta

07/04/2016 0

A quarter of century late. This is approximately the delay that Jakarta first MRT line had to encounter before the first tunnel drilling was launched last year by Indonesia President Joko Widodo. The launching of [Read More…]

Metered Taxis Arrive in Yangon

09/12/2015 0

Yangon is getting closer to other Southeast Asian metropolis. Since August of this year, Dagon Logistics, has been offering a metered-taxi service. The local  company started with 100 vehicles. The company just announced to look [Read More…]

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