Uber First Steps into Cambodia?

29/06/2017 0

Uber, the world’s biggest ride-hailing service, has been in negotiations since April with Cambodia Ministry of Transport as well as with authorities of Phnom Penh Municipality to get the authorization to launch its services in [Read More…]

Lion Air Group Expands Asian Network

28/06/2017 0

Indonesia Lion Air Group is expanding its network with new destinations flown also by its subsidiaries in Malaysia (Malindo Air) and in Thailand (Thai Lion Air). The group continues to extend its presence into new [Read More…]

MAS Confirms New Airline for Pilgrimage

09/06/2017 0

Malaysia Airlines’ new dedicated carrier for its Haj and Umrah flights is expected to begin operations by the end of next year, announced recently MAS Chief Executive Officer, Peter Bellew. The future airline will take [Read More…]

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