ASEAN Cultural Heritage Turns Digital

02/03/2020 0

The first digital archive of the valuable historical cultural heritage of ASEAN Member States (AMS) was launched last week, providing an access to the treasures of the entire region. Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are the [Read More…]

Mozart to Meet Angkor

21/02/2020 0

Four exceptional representations of a Cambodian Magic Flute will take place at Angkor Wat Archeological Park for four performances between November 16 and 20. It will blend Cambodian music and dances with the operatic masterwork [Read More…]

Picasso and Matisse Come to Singapore

17/02/2020 0

A world-class art exhibition with paintings from Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse will be presented at Singapore National Gallery this coming May giving a rare opportunity for travellers in the region to see masterworks of [Read More…]

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