Uber To Disappear in Southeast Asia

30/03/2018 0

Grab is taking over Uber activities from April 1st. This will leave Grab being the only Asia-wide ride-hailing operator with the risk of a monopoly will lead into fare increases. The announcement came a week [Read More…]

Uber First Steps into Cambodia?

29/06/2017 0

Uber, the world’s biggest ride-hailing service, has been in negotiations since April with Cambodia Ministry of Transport as well as with authorities of Phnom Penh Municipality to get the authorization to launch its services in [Read More…]

Grab Continues Expansion In Malaysia

02/05/2017 0

Grab recently expanded in Malaysia by adding four new cities. The ride hailing platform is now present in 13 cities. Southeast Asia’s leading ride hailing and multiservice platform, Grab, continues its rapid expansion by adding [Read More…]

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