Myanmar Introduces Fast-Track Visa Approval

23/04/2018 0

Myanmar is further improving visa procedures. Since mid-April, the government introduced a fast-track visa procedure valid only for e-visa. Myanmar has been among the first countries in Southeast Asia to approve e-visa for tourists due [Read More…]

Russian citizens Exempted of Visa for Laos

26/12/2017 0

Laos Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that Russian citizens are now under visa exemption. The new decree has been implemented since December 2nd and applies to ordinary passports’ holders. Russia remains a relatively small [Read More…]

E-Visa Officially Kicks off in Vietnam

05/02/2017 0

E-visa has been the talk of Vietnamese authorities for the last two years. After a few delays due to the approval process of various administrations within the government, e-visa have been officially introduced on February [Read More…]

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