Online Visa Approved for Vietnam in 2017

07/11/2016 0

Finally, Vietnam will do its great leap forward in 2017 regarding entrance formalities into the country for visitors. The government site VGP News reported on Friday that online visa formalities will be introduced starting, January [Read More…]

Thailand Blows Hot and Cold on Tourism

22/08/2016 0

Thailand wants to provide insurance coverage for foreign travellers visiting the Kingdom in a bid to strengthen the destination’s appeal. At the same time, the government decided to increase the fee for travellers on a [Read More…]

Taiwan Lures ASEAN Travellers

11/08/2016 0

Taiwan will become the hot destination for ASEAN travellers as the Taiwanese government decided to further relax visa rules. Last November, Taiwan added four ASEAN nations -Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam- to its simplified visa [Read More…]

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